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Parag Vaish

Years of business experience has provided many stories to share from the front lines of companies such as Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Disney, NBC, eBay, and athenahealth.

Speaking Topic:Product Priorization Process

Most companies have hundreds, if not thousands, of product ideas but they lack a supply of resources to implement all of these ideas. The Smart Selection Process identifies the most valuable ideas to achieve the highest efficiency of product development. This topic enables audiences to think differently about prioritizing projects and managing the high volume of cross functional teams all marching to the same beat. It uses real world business examples in which the methodology can be used by any job classification, along with a few fun stories about some high profile companies.

Speaking Topic:Supercharging Diversity Hiring

Creating diverse teams can become an enabler for tremendous success. In this speaking topic, Parag details tactical actions a manager can take to immediately be successful at setting the tone for a diverse and equitable team. For many managers, achieving a diverse team, whose members enjoy an equitable pay structure, is a daunting task. Many managers don’t know where to start or how far to push things with their counterparts in finance or human resources. This session is particularly unique because it highlights how diversity and inclusion can be achieved even in a challenging work environment like Tesla. And, Parag describes how a focus on diversity paved the way for a faster path to success.

Book:Supercharging Diversity Hiring

Imagine growing your team by five times, closing a gender pay gap of greater than 30%, achieving a 53% female to 47% male team, and adding six team members who are on work visas all while trying to figure out how to scale Model 3 deliveries, launch a secret new Tesla Roadster from the back of the new Tesla Semi Truck, and working with Elon Musk late into the morning on company saving digital product releases. This book details how a team of diverse and passionate people assembled, under the leadership of Parag Vaish, to become one of the most high performing teams in the technology world. The circumstances he faced were truly unique, yet achieving a diverse team was not a goal, it was the reason the team was successful. And, it was done through a formula driven approach which can be repeated in any organization.

Book:Team Decision Matrix

Prioritization, in the absence of data, becomes somewhat random decision making with no structure, process, or methodology. This is particularly problematic in the business environment where company success and careers are at risk. This book tackles the challenges faced by product managers, business decision makers, and nearly anyone who faces decision making in the absence of data. The methodology detailed in this book describes how one can leverage the people around them to make more informed decisions through the collection of micro-crowd sourced data. It was composed over years of learnings from companies like Tesla, StubHub, Microsoft, Disney, NBC, HomeAway, and athenahealth.

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